18th January 2018

Welcome To My Health Association (MHA)

My Health Association (MHA), is in alliance with Insurance Advisernet Australia Pty Ltd (Insurance Brokerage), who have       set up a holistic therapies scheme with Professional Risk Underwriting Pty Ltd for MHA members.  MHA offers               world-wide cover for members.

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MHA Membership just got even better!

As part of our commitment to deliver the best value possible to all our students and members we have removed the yearly renewal for MHA membership.  As of January 9th 2018 all our members get a lifetime membership to MHA which will allow them access to our discounted Insurance scheme, effectively saving you $99 per year!

Why become a MHA member?

Through the MHA scheme, insurance premiums are considerably lower. Also, MHA lists all member's business name, website, email address and phone number for free on our website.

MHA sends newsletters with industry information and will keep you informed of changing training standards as well as insurance matters. Members may submit articles or advertise services for free (line listing) in the MHA newsletters.

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    This unique industry designed insurance cover offers MHA members highly competitive insurance premiums. The one premium price provides cover for those who may operate in more than one area of natural therapies. 


    MHA is a governing body acting on behalf of the insurance broker/insurance company to check applicant’s qualifications. With the range of alternative therapies covered in the MHA insurance scheme, it is important to have a body who understand the natural and alternative health industry. 


    Through the MHA scheme, insurance premiums are considerably lower than if the applicant was a non-association member, since the broker and/or insurer would need to check qualifications which would thus increase fees considerably.


    For example, if you are a Yoga Teacher as well as a Masseuse or Naturopath etc, the one policy price is designed to protect you for your multi-skilled services.


    MHA keep abreast of changing standards within the industry and can act as a governing body to ensure qualifications are relevant and meet industry standards.


    My Health Association can provide detailed information regarding insurance and we will assist in connecting our members with the insurance broker.

Watch this videoclip to learn more about what MHA can offer you:

My Health Association. Insurance for Natural Therapists & Yoga Teachers.

We advertise your business

MHA lists all member's business name, website, email address and phone number for free on their website. Obtain free exposure for yourself and your business through MHA with likeminded people and potential costumers.

Stay informed about your industry

We are proud to report that no other association in Australia offers the wide variety of alternative health industry accreditation.  They include a wealth of varieties within Yoga Teaching, Massage Therapies and Natural therapies.

Designed for non-techies

You just need access to email to become a full member of MHA, set up your insurance and even submit your business details to be advertised on this website!

"All My Health Yoga Trainings (both Online and In-House) are backed by Lloyds of London through their syndicate partner Pro Risk"

- Chris Bygraves - Insurance Advisernet Senior Broker.

About MHA

Inquiry about our brand new products available for MHA members:

Business and Studio Insurance which has 4 main covers; Fire & Perils, Burglary Cover, Glass cover & Money cover.

Professional Liability and Professional indemnity. Mobile cover worldwide cover (exc. Canada & US), it goes where you go!

Yearly renewal available and Written evidence of coverage provided.

  • Business or Studio Insurance
  • Public Liability: $10,000,000.00
  • Professional Indemnity: $1,000,000.00

For further information or enquiries, please telephone contact MHA on 0402838545 or email us at info@myhealthassociation.com.au

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